Factory customer service for HP Labortechnik autoclaves and VARIOKLAV steam sterilisers

An autoclave that does not do what it is supposed to can quickly become a big problem in laboratories, practices and clinics: either entire work processes grind to a halt due to a lack of sterile instruments or large amounts of laboratory waste accumulate that simply cannot be disposed of without effectively inactivating the hazardous substances it contains.

In cases like these, it is crucial for your laboratory operations to have a reliable and qualified partner at your side. That is why we offer our qualified factory customer service for every HP Labortechnik VARIOKLAV steam steriliser, guaranteed not to let you down in an emergency.

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Unlimited maintenance service for your VARIOKLAV steam sterilisers: maintenance, service and repair

We are so confident in the quality of our autoclaves that we are happy to offer you our HP factory customer service for the entire lifetime of your VARIOKLAV steam sterilisers. We support you from the installation of the autoclave, through maintenance and servicing, to the delivery and installation of spare parts in proven HP quality – and are also available at any time for rapid repairs in an emergency. Original VARIOKLAV spare parts are available from HP Labortechnik for BlueLine, GreenLine and OrangeLine units.

All the advantages of our HP factory customer service for autoclaves and steam sterilisers at a glance:

  • Professional safety checks, maintenance, inspections, repairs and overhauls by trained experts for VARIOKLAV steam sterilisers from HP Labortechnik.
  • Standardised service packages or customised solutions, tailor-made for your VARIOKLAV units and your business needs.
  • Exclusive use of original VARIOKLAV spare parts manufactured in Germany for highest performance and maximum service life of your autoclaves.
  • Transparent documentation of services provided and spare parts used
  • Optional warranty extension
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HP Labortechnik commissioning service

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It is clear to us: customer service in the field of medical and laboratory technology does not end with the purchase of a product. We are happy to support you directly with the commissioning of your steam sterilisers so that you can take full advantage of all the benefits of our laboratory equipment within the shortest possible time.

  • Practical: Our experienced service technicians will instruct you in the operation of your autoclave directly on site.
  • Transparent: Our commissioning service for autoclaves also works with a detailed service protocol, which records all work steps in detail.
  • Safe: We take care of the installation checks of your laboratory autoclave for safe, validatable and traceable sterilisation processes.
  • Optimised: We are happy to check that all system parameters are optimally set for your requirements and daily routine work.

HP Labortechnik maintenance service

With around 40 years of experience in the field of laboratory technology, we know that there is no one-fits-all remedy for occupational safety. That’s why our HP maintenance service is tailored to your needs. This keeps you flexible in your daily laboratory work and makes sure your autoclaves are safe. We adapt our Safety Check, Comfort Maintenance and Full Maintenance service packages to suit your individual needs and laboratory equipment. All checks and repairs carried out are neatly documented by our service technicians. Choose from various maintenance services, such as inspections with target/actual comparisons, usable space cleaning, early fault detection, DGUV 3 testing and much more.

For further information, please contact our aftersales service on 08930 666 4750.

Ihre Vorteile:

  • Professionell: Inspektion, Wartung und Überholung
  • Flexibel: Standardisierte Pakete oder individuelle Lösungen
  • Übersichtlich: Dokumentation in einer Checkliste
  • Optional: Gewährleistungsverlängerung
  • Gerne erstellen wir Ihnen ein individuelles Angebot. Unseren Aftersales erreichen Sie unter 089 – 30 666 47 -50

Sicherheits-Check Comfort-
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Äußere Prüfung des Druckgerätes 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Inspektion mit Soll-/Istvergleich 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Funktions- und Sicherheitsprüfung wichtiger Bauteile 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Fehlerfrüherkennung 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Reinigung des Nutzraumes 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
DGUV 3 Prüfung 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Tausch der Deckeldichtung 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Wartungs-Kit „Comfort“ 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Erforderliche Einstellarbeiten 2714 e1506500790988 2714 e1506500790988
Austausch von Verschleißteilen 2714 e1506500790988
Reparaturen, die zwischen den jährlichen Wartungen erforderlich sind 2714 e1506500790988
Weitere Ersatzteile werden nach Bedarf ausgetauscht 2714 e1506500790988

Reliable partners: our customer service technicians are available to you throughout Germany

Whether you are in the Black Forest, at the North Sea or in the Ruhr area – regardless of where in Germany you run your laboratory, practice or clinic, our trained service technicians will be there quickly in an emergency to get your steam steriliser up and running again. One call is all it takes to get professional support from our experts. We place great importance on ensuring speed, precision and technically impeccable implementation of all repair and maintenance work on your autoclave, so that your laboratory equipment is back up and running reliably and energy-efficiently within the shortest possible time.

HP Labortechnik repair service

Technical faults are irritating and can quickly lead to major breakdowns in ongoing laboratory operations. That is why, in the event of a malfunction, we are there at the ready to remedy the defect in your autoclave reliably and with lasting effect. Our repair service is uncomplicated, quick and conscientious – either at your location or at our HP factory. We aim to minimise the effort for you.

We repair HP steam sterilisers exclusively with high-quality original HP spare parts as well as visually refurbishing your unit. Our service technicians then carry out an electrothermal test run. All repairs and tests carried out are recorded in detail in a service report.

The HP Labortechnik quality promise

  • We only use original spare parts that comply with the proven HP quality. We supply spare parts for all HP Labortechnik sterilisation units manufactured since 1981.
  • All our steam sterilisers, spare parts and service technicians are certified for laboratory and medical environments.
  • We have specialised in the manufacture of high-performance steam sterilisers for over 40 years. Take advantage of our experience in the field of targeted fault analysis and professional on-site repair.
  • We respond within a few hours, because we know that in an emergency, every minute counts. That is why we are always available to you and react swiftly as soon as our service technicians receive your service request.
  • We also place great importance on delivery reliability and absolute adherence to deadlines in our factory customer service department. Because nothing is more annoying than losing valuable time waiting for a single spare part in the event of a claim.
  • We of course grant the same warranty on spare parts for HP steam sterilisers as we do on our new units. This means you are not taking any risks with a repair and can rely on the proven HP quality even after general overhauls.


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