Rent and hire high-quality autoclaves and steam sterilisers

Is your laboratory in a phase of change or have you simply not yet been able to decide on a steam steriliser? No problem. Rental and leasing options are now also available in the autoclave industry thanks to HP Labortechnik. We offer short-term rental solutions for transitional periods and fixed-term periods to keep you going through difficult times.

Our rental and leasing options also give you the unique opportunity to test our VARIOKLAV sterilisers extensively in practice before you decide to invest: by choosing a convenient rental model for laboratory autoclaves, you don’t have to take any long-term financial risks and are still equipped with high-quality steam sterilisers for even the most demanding sterilisation processes.

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Innovative rental autoclaves from HP Labortechnik – The convenient interim solution for sterilisation of the highest quality

All our rental autoclaves are qualified and work with validated processes. In order to ensure that an autoclave delivers 100% safe and sterile results, it must be periodically qualified and the sterilisation process validated. This involves, in particular, testing the attainment of suitable temperatures within certain time periods as well as the equilibration time. The distribution of the temperatures and the accuracy of the sensors are also tested. The entire qualification of an autoclave consists of installation and functional qualification. If the autoclave passes these tests, the next step is process validation, which should then provide proof of the success of the sterilisation processes. All of our rental equipment undergoes these tests at regular intervals, so you don’t have to worry about qualification or validation of your autoclaves for shorter rental periods.

VARIOKLAV laboratory autoclaves from HP Labortechnik: Outstanding performance, easy to use, first-class service

With around 40 years of industry experience in the fields of medical and laboratory technology, we are now one of the most renowned suppliers of high-performance autoclaves for the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries throughout Germany. Our trained eye for quality and performance enables us to develop high-quality, modular steam sterilisers in cooperation with HP Medizintechnik. Thanks to their particularly compact design, they are suitable for all laboratory and practice sizes.

Benefit from the largest possible usable volumes in the smallest possible footprint: All VARIOKLAV autoclaves can be individually expanded with numerous module options, which you can also benefit from when renting a steam steriliser. We select your rental model according to your requirements and equip it with everything you need for your work processes.

The following expansion modules are available for BlueLine and GreenLine sterilisers:

  • Recooling and rapid cooling: High-quality VARIOKLAV cooling modules significantly reduce the cooling time of the autoclave and sterile items. This enables you to achieve the highest possible throughputs in batch processing and save valuable time.
  • Pre-vacuum and vacuum drying: With the VARIOKLAV pre-vacuum module, it is possible to sterilise porous materials and objects that are difficult to deaerate in no time at all. The vacuum drying module also completely dries and sterilely ventilates the material for removal.
  • Emission-free sterilisation: The module for exhaust air filtration and condensate sterilisation facilitates completely safe sterilisation processes even for hazardous substances and potentially infectious laboratory waste of protection classes two to four.
  • Process documentation: All VARIOKLAV units of the BlueLine and GreenLine can be equipped with a batch printer or a USB interface for regulation-compliant documentation of all relevant process parameters.
  • Media temperature control: Our media temperature control module uses a flexible temperature sensor directly in the reference vessel and guarantees you the highest level of safety when sterilising larger quantities of liquids as well as precise documentation of the exposure times. This module can be enhanced with a magnetic stirrer in the sterilisation chamber, which ensures uniform temperature distribution and prevents the media from overheating on the surface.

Factory customer service for HP Labortechnik autoclaves and steam sterilisers on loan

We know how important it is for laboratory autoclaves to perform reliably. That is why we also provide you with qualified factory customer service for rental autoclaves – as we do for all our sterilisation equipment. Should you ever have any problems with or questions about your VARIOKLAV steam steriliser, please do not hesitate to contact our trained specialist staff. In the event of technical problems with the unit, we will send one of our experienced service technicians out to your location to solve the problem. You can of course also reach us by phone or e-mail every day for quick questions about your VARIOKLAV unit.