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VARIOKLAV® GreenLine steam sterilisers: State-of-the-art touchscreen autoclaves in proven HP quality

The VARIOKLAV GreenLine combines state-of-the-art technology with proven and reliable sterilisation technology. As the successor line to our Classic Line, it contains many new, functional product details as well as all the technical advantages with which our HP autoclaves have been proving themselves in practical laboratory applications worldwide for decades.



All advantages and features of our high-performance GreenLine autoclaves at a glance:

  • Our autoclaves are made from the highest quality materials and manufactured to the highest quality standards. Particularly low-wear fittings guarantee a long service life for all VARIOKLAV units.
  • VARIOKLAV laboratory sterilisers provide a large usable volume on a small footprint in combination with a particularly low overall height. This makes VARIOKLAV autoclaves suitable for all laboratory sizes.All our GreenLine laboratory autoclaves have no on-site connections (except for electricity), which means that the units can be flexibly positioned and quickly put into operation.
  • The hallmark of our steam sterilisers is their clever design: free-standing autoclaves work with an external heating system which makes the chamber particularly easy to clean and provides sufficient space for bulky sterile items.
  • We offer numerous module options for GreenLine autoclaves so that you can equip your autoclave to meet your individual needs, for example with rapid cooling modules, exhaust steam condensers and exhaust air filtration systems.
  • Sterilisation data is recorded completely digitally via your GreenLine autoclave and a USB interface. For quality assurance purposes, data can be conveniently read out via a USB stick.

Highest safety standards for efficient and professional autoclaving

Sterilisation using a steam autoclave involves high pressure and high temperatures. That is why the safety of your laboratory staff is our top priority when developing our steam sterilisers.

  • All of the fittings of our GreenLine autoclaves are located inside the stainless-steel casing, which is also equipped with an end plate made of heat-insulating fibre-free material. This effectively minimises the risk of burns from hot components.
  • GreenLine autoclaves have a robust central locking system with six massive locking levers, making it impossible to open the autoclaves while they are under pressure.
  • The lid of the GreenLine autoclave can be opened from the side so that there is no risk of scalding from rising steam when it is opened.
  • The GreenLine free-standing autoclaves are heated from the outside. A TÜV-certified overheating protection system prevents the heater getting overloaded.

Innovative product advantages of the VARIOKLAV GreenLine

  • Our powerful GreenLine steam sterilisers are available both as free-standing units and as tabletop units with both models boasting a particularly space-saving design.
  • The pressure vessel of the GreenLine autoclave is made of electropolished stainless steel and can therefore withstand even the most aggressive media. We provide a five-year guarantee on VARIOKLAV pressure vessels.
  • Like all components, the heating elements of our GreenLine autoclaves can be easily replaced. We provide a three-year warranty for the heating elements of our steam sterilisers.
  • GreenLine autoclaves are designed to be sustainable and to consume as few resources as possible, both in production and in use. This not only saves you water and electricity costs during use, but thanks to particularly high-quality materials, you are also guaranteed to be well equipped for years to come. The durability of our steam sterilisers has been a distinguishing feature of HP Labortechnik for many years.
  • Our GreenLine laboratory autoclaves work with gimballed closure suspension so that the seal remains completely unstressed during autoclaving. That is how we can promise you exceptionally long durability even for the seals we use.
  • Like our BlueLine units, GreenLine autoclaves can also be expanded to include a system for exhaust air filtration. The exhaust air can thus be directed through a filter system, while any condensate is returned to the steriliser to be autoclaved together with the internal filter system. This module option makes our steam sterilisers ideal for the safe and emission-free sterilisation of contaminated, highly infectious or pathogenic materials and media.

Steam sterilisers with touchscreens for professional autoclaving with sterilisation programmes

The robust, high-resolution touchscreen is a particularly popular feature of our GreenLine laboratory autoclaves. It displays the settings of the current sterilisation process and allows you to set a timer for pre-programmable starts. While autoclaving is in progress, the touchscreen displays the sequence of the individual process steps and automatically switches to stand-by mode when not in use. The menu-driven user interface can be set to German, English, Spanish, French or Swedish.

Our GreenLine autoclaves’ flexible control system enables you to perform precise and economical autoclaving in no time at all: the user-friendly touchscreen allows sterilisation programmes to be configured, locked or released with just a few clicks. The automatic process control of the GreenLine autoclaves saves valuable time that your employees can use for more demanding laboratory work. The entire deaeration process, for example, is temperature-monitored, while the setpoint temperature control guarantees a good sterilisation result. The VARIOKLAV GreenLine autoclave is also ideally equipped for sterilisation processes controlled by media temperature, for example for the sterilisation of liquids. The temperature evaluation uses a three-wire technique to produce extremely precise measurements. A standard USB interface is available for recording and reading out sterilisation data. This makes GreenLine autoclaves ideally suited for seamless documentation and validation of sterilisation processes as part of quality assurance.


A standard USB interface is available for recording and reading out sterilisation data. This makes GreenLine autoclaves ideal for seamlessly documenting and validating sterilisation processes as part of quality assurance.

Exhaust air filtration

For safe and emission-free sterilisation of contaminated, highly infectious or pathogenic materials and media, the exhaust air can be passed through a filter system. Any condensate produced is returned to the steriliser. The condensate and the filter system are autoclaved as well.


varioklav green


Lowest possible working heights, largest possible usable volumes with a uniquely small footprint.



Lowest possible working heights, largest possible usable volumes with a uniquely small footprint.


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