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HP-Labortechnik GmbH has been a specialist in the development and production of high-quality steam sterilisers since 1979.

VARIOKLAV laboratory autoclaves are manufactured according to strict quality standards for safe, reproducible steam sterilisation.Our customers include international food and pharmaceutical companies as well as scientific research and educational institutes.

In addition to floor models with a small footprint, we offer compact benchtop autoclaves with capacities ranging from 25 to 195 litres for laboratories with limited space.

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Steam sterilisers from HP Labortechnik
Quality “Made in Germany” since 1979

Thanks to their modular design, our devices can be equipped to suit all routine sterilisation tasks.

VARIOKLAV autoclaves impress with their high-quality stainless steel processing, low-wear fittings, an ultra-flat steam generator and the uncomplicated cleaning of the sterilisation chamber.

They are suitable for the sterilisation of liquids, culture media, instruments of all kinds and hazardous waste.
Additional advantages of our autoclaves include the very fast cooling processes and batch protocols issued directly at the device, for example in vacuum or drying processes.

Leitfaden für die Sterilisation

HP Labortechnik GmbH is certified according to DIN ISO 9001 and 14001.

VARIOKLAV® is a registered trademark.

High flexibility thanks to unique modules

Even in the basic version, HP devices are fully equipped for all routine sterilisation tasks.
But our unique module options einzigartigen Moduloptionen  allow you to adapt the autoclaves to your individual processes and enable a high throughput.

The four standard programmes guarantee absolutely safe sterilisation through optimised air extraction in the heating phase and pulsating rinsing.

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VARIOKLAV Moduloptionen

Safety is our top priority

VARIOKLAV autoclaves are developed for maximum operator safety, meet all DIN 58951-2 requirements and are certified according to category I or II of the EU directive for pressure equipment.

The sterilisation chamber is made of electropolished, titanium reinforced stainless steel 1.4571 according to EN 10028-7.
To ensure maximum safety, the steam pressure acting on the lid and doors is distributed evenly over many points of the closure ring.
Before the autoclave can be opened, a pressure sensor verifies complete depressurisation.
The pneumatically controlled fittings, which we use instead of solenoid valves, are not only low-maintenance, but also reliable, pressure-tight and vacuum-tight.

Precise temperature control ensures reproducible cycles and reliable sterilisation without overheating or changing the media.
Measurements from up to four temperature sensors are continuously compared with precise reference values.

Simple and user-friendly

VARIOKLAV autoclaves have a particularly user-friendly interface and automatic execution of all sterilisation phases.
The water supply is also automatic, either from a demineralised water source or a storage tank.
The low working height of the floor models allows for easy loading and unloading of the steriliser.


Environmentally friendly and consumption-optimised

Since our foundation, HP Labortechnik has viewed environmental protection as a joint task in which all employees are involved according to their skills and knowledge. We take the initiative to reduce the consumption of resources, improve our energy efficiency, avoid waste and strive for continuous development.


An extensive programme in the area of round and angular, open and closed sterilising baskets as well as loading aids for media supply completes our product range.


Our VARIOKLAV laboratory autoclaves

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