Powerful autoclaves for laboratories, medical practices and clinics

The VARIOKLAV BlueLine offers high-quality basic instruments that are ideally equipped for all the routine tasks of a microbiology laboratory: autoclave liquids, solids and growth media at temperatures between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius in a precise, validatable and reproducible manner. Our steam sterilisers work quickly and reliably and offer plenty of space for instruments and bulky sterilisation items.

The numerous production advantages, such as our particularly flat steam generators, make VARIOKLAV BlueLine autoclaves one of the best-selling steam sterilisers in their class throughout Germany.

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All advantages and features of the VARIOKLAV BlueLine steam sterilisers at a glance:

  • Free-standing autoclaves with a small footprint and loading capacities from 75 to 175 litres
  • Front-loading tabletop autoclaves with loading capacities from 25 to 195 litres
  • Can be flexibly expanded with modules for cooling, vacuum generation, exhaust air filtration, condensate sterilisation, media temperature control and process documentation

A special feature of our VARIOKLAV autoclaves is their high-quality workmanship: each of the components of our steam sterilisers are optimised for the longest possible shelf life and guarantee smooth operations in your everyday laboratory work. Hardwearing stainless-steel fittings and an ultra-flat steam generator also allow easy cleaning of the autoclave and sterilisation chamber.

The modular design of our steam sterilisers also offers you the possibility of equipping your unit to suit a wide range of individual requirements:

  • Modules for media temperature control: The VARIOKLAV media temperature regulator guarantees precise, safe sterilisation processes even with larger volumes of liquid and temperature-labile sterile items
  • Modules for cooling and rapid cooling: Choose from cooling modules with a water-cooling jacket, spray cooling or sprinkling for up to 80% shorter cooling processes
  • Modules for simple and fractionated pre-vacuum and vacuum drying: This add-on guarantees safe sterilisation processes for porous and difficult-to-vent sterile items. The vacuum drying module makes it possible to remove dry and sterilely ventilated materials.
  • Modules for exhaust air filtration with condensate sterilisation: Ideal for reliably sterilising infectious laboratory waste of protection classes 2 to 4 and genetically modified materials from laboratories of safety levels 2 to 4.
  • Modules for process documentation: Our GLP and IMS GMP batch printers enable legally compliant documentation of all process parameters.
  • Modules for media temperature control: The VARIOKLAV media temperature control ensures precise and safe sterilisation processes even with larger volumes of liquid and temperature-labile sterile items.

Find the optimal BlueLine autoclave for your laboratory work:

Standgeraete BlueLine 75S 135S 2020

VARIOKLAV® BlueLine free-standing autoclaves

Our VARIOKLAV floor units provide the largest possible usable volume with the smallest possible footprint and have been the flagship of HP Labortechnik for over 40 years. Our best-selling model also features a particularly low working height, which allows users of all heights to comfortably load and unload the autoclave from above.

VARIOKLAV autoclaves are available in three different nominal sizes and four different volumes. A steam generator separate from the utility room is used to generate steam. The sterilisation chamber is free of heating elements and feed water. The compressed air supply for seal control circuit, safety lock and pneumatic control valves runs autonomously.


VARIOKLAV® BlueLine tabletop autoclaves

VARIOKLAV tabletop units boast outstanding capacity in the smallest of footprints: Our compact tabletop autoclaves are equipped with space-saving swing doors and offer loading capacities from 25 up to 195 litres. The space-saving design means that neither the heating elements nor the feed water are located inside the chamber, which makes cleaning the chamber particularly easy. What’s more, the tabletop autoclave can be installed at almost any height, allowing for comfortable loading and unloading of the sterilisation chamber regardless of your height. Our tabletop steam sterilisers’ versatile programme control guarantees maximum flexibility for all common laboratory tasks.

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How VARIOKLAV BlueLine steam sterilisers work

Autoclaves are a basic part of every laboratory in the fields of medicine and microbiology. They are required for sterilising medical devices, culture media and laboratory waste by means of steam pressure in a validatable manner. Steam, pressure and heat generate conditions which eliminate germs and bacteria and kill pathogens in the sterilisation chamber of the autoclave.

The basic model of each VARIOKLAV BlueLine autoclave consists of a pressure vessel made of high-quality stainless steel which can be closed pressure-tight with a solid door. The heating elements integrated in the jacket then heat the water vapour inside the sterilisation chamber. The digital control modules and additional module options also enable optimum monitoring of all parameters during the sterilisation process.

The sterilisation process can be divided into four steps: The pre-vacuum is the deaeration phase. This removes all residual air from the sterilisation chamber so that the steam can then completely surround the sterilised items. To achieve particularly thorough air removal, the VARIOKLAV BlueLine autoclave can be extended with a module for fractionated pre-vacuum. In the second step, the sterilisation chamber is filled with saturated and tensioned water vapour.

This steam consists of demineralised water and is generated by the heating elements integrated in the steam generator. This heating phase is also referred to as the equalisation time, as rising temperatures only spread to the sterilised items with a time delay. Our optional media temperature control module with temperature sensor simplifies the sterilisation of temperature-sensitive media and protects them from damage due to thermal stress.

Once the heating phase is complete, the actual sterilisation phase begins: The goods to be sterilised remain in the sterilisation chamber for a certain period of time so that the water vapour can act. The duration of the sterilisation phase depends on the germ contamination and the sterilisation temperature. In the final step, the steam is released from the sterilisation chamber and the sterilised items are allowed to cool.

It is particularly important to dry the sterilised material after sterilisation, as the moisture content of the sterilised material must not exceed certain tolerance limits in order to subsequently be able to release the material for storage or use. To this end, VARIOKLAV BlueLine sterilisers can be equipped with a vacuum drying module which generates a deep vacuum at the end of sterilisation and thus removes any residual moisture.


You are still unsure as to which autoclave best suits your requirements and routine work? We will gladly advise you!

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