VARIOKLAV® OrangeLine steamers for heating, keeping warm and pressureless steaming

In the fields of medicine and biology, reliable steamers are considered basic equipment of every laboratory. They are used for heating, keeping warm and pressureless steaming of all kinds of growth media and are used for testing components, rubber goods and ceramics.

All the advantages of our VARIOKLAV OrangeLine steamers at a glance:

  • Robust and rustproof square steam chamber made of 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Chamber volumes of 95 litres
  • Relative humidity of between 10 and 100%
  • Infinitely variable temperature setting between 40 and 98 degrees Celsius
  • Low working heights starting at 750 millimetres for comfortable loading and unloading of the steam chamber
  • Narrow and space-saving design – also suitable for smaller laboratories and practices
  • Drainage of the condensate towards the edge of the cover
  • No cooling water required for cooling the periphery
  • Strategic ventilation in the lowest part of the chamber prevents the formation of air pockets
  • In case of insufficient water, the steamer emits visual and audible malfunction signals
  • Thermal lock in accordance with TRB 402 for fully automatic switching off of the heating system if there is a lack of water, thus preventing the base from overheating
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FP Portfolio OrangeLine

How do OrangeLine steamers work?

VARIOKLAV OrangeLine steamers work with the gravity method. This involves displacing the air remaining in the sterilisation chamber with saturated steam. This principle is based on the differing specific weights of steam and air: hot steam rises and displaces the cold air. The effect is that the water vapour can easily reach the goods and condense there. The process is also known as the pressure cooker principle and works in a very similar way in classic pressure cookers.

The biological action principle used in pressureless steaming is based, as in all steam sterilisers, on the effect of high temperatures over a certain period of time on the material to be sterilised. The steam, which has a temperature of 40 to 98 degrees Celsius, acts as a medium for heat transfer: the energy contained in it is applied as condensation heat for heating the condensate, which in turn is used for the particularly gentle inactivation of the microorganisms contained in the items to be sterilised. Steamers with this function, however, are used much more frequently for heating, keeping warm and pressureless steaming of growth media.

After all, for effective sterilisation without a pre-vacuum, higher temperatures would have to be used in the steamer and a number of other conditions would have to be met: Effective sterilisation by steam is only possible if the air remaining in the sterilisation chamber is completely displaced by saturated water vapour, if water vapour completely permeates the sterilisation chamber, and if condensation of water vapour on any part of the items to be sterilised is possible. If no condensation water can be generated and heated on any part of the material to be sterilised, the sterilisation is ineffective. This is why, for example, sterile packaging must be tested for steam permeability before sterilisation using a steamer in order to avoid air pockets that would have a negative impact on the sterilisation result.

What are OrangeLine steamers suitable for?

The medical use of steamers employing gravitational methods is still popular and is officially accepted for the disinfection of solid instruments such as forceps or laboratory glassware. These smooth surfaces are particularly suitable for disinfection by means of saturated steam, as the air remaining in the steam chamber can be displaced relatively easily. We also recommend our OrangeLine steamers for heating, keeping warm and pressureless steaming of all kinds of growth media. The steamers can also be used for testing rubber goods, ceramics or components in steam. For sterilising porous materials or objects with cavities, we recommend our Varioklav BlueLine and GreenLine autoclaves with vacuum processes.

FP Portfolio OrangeLine
FP Portfolio OrangeLine

Control and handling of OrangeLine steamers with the gravity method

The OrangeLine steamer can be operated unattended with no problems and will signal when the programme has been successfully completed by emitting a removal signal. Our intelligent DT-EH steamer control in combination with a fully automated digital thermometer allows you to precisely adjust all parameters. Temperatures for keeping warm can be set to between 40 and 98 degrees Celsius infinitely variably. When the steamer is closed, the integrated heating elements switch to maximum operation for a short time in order to minimise temperature drops when the steamer is opened. The OrangeLine steamer can be used both in continuous operation and with a timer.

In addition to the VARIOKLAV OrangeLine steamer, an operating manual, a quick reference guide and a high-quality VARIOKLAV mesh insert basket (ES 80 basket) are included in the scope of delivery. You can find further suitable laboratory accessories for your steamer in our VARIOKLAV accessories catalogue. Please feel free to send us your inquiry!

Technische Daten

B / H / T [mm] 500 / 750 / 620
Nutzraum [mm] 400
Nutztiefe [mm] 600
Nutzinhalt [dm3] 95
Leistungsaufnahme [kW] 3,4
Wärmeabgabe an die Umgebung ca. 25 % bis 35 % der Nennheizleistung
Netzanschluss 230 VAC / 50 Hz
Steckdose/Sicherung Schukosteckdose/ T 16 A
Nennstrom [A] 14,8
Gewicht (incl. Bodenauf-lage und zwei Gitterkörbe) [kg] 70
Umgebungstemperatur [°C] +5 bis +40
relative Feuchte [%] 10 bis 100
Luftdruck [hPa] 500 bis 1060
Einstellbarer Temperaturbereich [°C] 40 bis 98
Auflösung [K] ±1
Schutzklasse I
IP-Schutzart (Steuerung) IP 20
Sicherungen F1 (primär): T 1 A
F2 (sekundär): M 3,15 A
F3 (Radialgebläse, nur Typ DT-EH): T 1 A



* 1230 mit Edelstahldeckel

Für den unbeaufsichtigten Betrieb bis zum Entnahmesignal mit stufenlos einstellbaren Warmhaltetemperaturen ab 40° bis 98 °C oder Festtemperatur bei 98 °C.

Inklusive Dampftopfsteuerung DT-EH, vollautomatisches Digitalthermometer einstellbar von Raumtemperatur bis 98°C. Nach der Aufheizphase wird die Heizleistung auf 20% reduziert. Kaum Temperaturabfall beim Öffnen, da beim Schließen des Deckels die Heizung kurzfristig voll eingeschaltet wird. Dauerbetrieb oder bis 6 h mit Zeitschaltuhr, Entnahmesignal, überwachungsfreier Betrieb.

Dem Gerät werden folgende Unterlagen beigelegt:

Technische Daten
Gitter-Einsatzkorb (ES 80 Korb)

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