Mobile and flexible steam sterilisers for highly mobile medical facilities, laboratory containers and field hospitals

VARIOKLAV MedLine offers flexible complete solutions for clinics, polyclinics, medical practices, laboratories and pharmaceutical facilities – specifically designed for stationary and mobile use: The design of the VARIOKLAV MedLine autoclaves makes them particularly suitable for mobile and highly mobile medical facilities, such as laboratory containers or field hospitals of the German armed forces, other armies or NGOs. Our MedLine autoclaves are state of the art in terms of both electronics and mechanics. This means you are ideally equipped for demanding laboratory work, wherever your MedLine steam steriliser is to be used.

Our mobile VARIOKLAV® MedLine 25 TC and 65 TC autoclaves

Our MedLine autoclaves are designed as standard for sterilisation temperatures of up to 140 degrees Celsius and a steam pressure of up to 4 bar. This makes these particularly compact steam sterilisers ideally suited for traceable and validatable sterilisation of all medical devices commonly used in hospitals: sterilise medical instruments, liquids, waste, porous items such as textiles and hollow items, thermolabile materials such as plastics and tubing, and unwrapped or shrink-wrapped items in primary and secondary packaging.

The MedLine series features front-loading, horizontal tabletop autoclaves and is characterised by its small footprint and generous usable space: choose between 25 and 65 litres of usable space and take advantage of the optimum loading capacity for common medium bottles and Erlenmeyer flasks:

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25 TC

Mobile type B small steam steriliser in accordance with prEN 13060 (or DIN EN 13060?) with particularly space-saving design and a usable volume of 25 litres

65 TC

Mobile large steam steriliser in accordance with DIN EN 285 with a usable volume of 65 litres for all commercially available sterile goods containers.

The advantages of our VARIOKLAV® MedLine steam sterilisers at a glance:

  • Preheating programme for constant operational readiness (after carrying out the daily routine checks)
  • Quick programme for unwrapped instruments
  • Cleaning programme for fully automatic cleaning of the steam generator
  • Pre-programmable sterilisation programmes with automatic start according to date and time
  • Drying times can be individually extended up to 199 minutes to maximise sterilisation quality, e.g. for longer storage time
  • Control blocks without dead space for maximum sterility: no risk of recontamination from areas close to the product
  • Particularly product-friendly heating and effective drying for narrow-lumened hollow bodies, porous and thermolabile sterile good
  • Vacuum test and empty cycle
  • Bowie-Dick test for proof of conformity with standards EN 867-3, EN 285 and EN 554
  • Powerful steam generators: steam is generated in MedLine steam sterilisers via a steam generator integrated into the housing. This means that the sterilisation chamber is free of heating elements and can be easily cleaned.
  • User-friendly operation via display and keyboard: our MedLine autoclaves are equipped with an easy-to-read display and a robust membrane keypad as standard.
  • Reliable microprocessor control: all regulation and control functions, e.g. for temperature, steam pressure, sterilisation time, rapid re-cooling, vacuum and drying, are controlled by a central microprocessor.
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The best of HP Labortechnik and HP Medizintechnik combined:
the VARIOKLAV® MedLine

MedLine steam sterilisers can be used both as stationary and mobile units e.g. in hospitals, ambulances, containers, halls or tents, on ships or in vehicles. MedLine autoclaves ensure the highest sterilisation quality, no matter where you need sterile medical products. MedLine autoclaves are also specially designed to achieve particularly short batch times, ensuring that you can rely 100% on the proven VARIOKLAV quality even in an emergency. MedLine autoclaves have proven themselves in the past on numerous assignments abroad and, like all our sterilisation equipment, impress with their durability and exceptional performance.

BAck station

HP Medizintechnik GmbH has been synonymous with the highest quality in the manufacture of medical devices and laboratory equipment for more than 40 years. In 2018, HP Labortechnik GmbH was founded specifically for the field of laboratory sterilisation and specialises in the development and production of steam sterilisers. Together as a strong duo, we have decades of experience in the manufacture of particularly durable laboratory equipment and medical products, which is reflected in our optimised development and manufacturing structure. The VARIOKLAV MedLine specialises in complete mobile solutions for demanding sterilisation processes.

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Factory customer service for mobile MedLine steam sterilisers

No matter where in the world you want to use your mobile MedLine autoclave – we are always at your side with our HP factory customer service. Should we be unable to send a customer service technician out to you directly due to the distance, our customer hotline is always available to answer your questions and solve your problems. This service covers the entire life cycle of your HP labware.

Technische Daten

Außenmaße (H/B/T) mm 700/530/850 mm
Nutzraummaße (H/B/T) mm 330/330/630 mm
Beschickungshöhe über Tisch mm 125
Nutzbares Volumen Liter 65
Zulässiger Betriebsdruck (von Vakuum bis abs.) 4.0 bar
Dampferzeuger (Wasser- / Gesamtvolumen) Liter 5,0 / 16,0
Fraktioniertes Vorvakuum kPa 7 / 7 / 7
Gewicht kg 170
Werkstoff für Druckbehälter DIN 17440 1.4571
Norm DIN EN 285
Zulässige Betriebstemperatur °C 140 °C
Max. Betriebsüberdruck / Vakuum bar 3,0 / -1
Temperaturtest G 1“ DIN EN 285:2016
Prüfzeichen nach MPG / benannte CE / 0036 / 0123
Europäische Druckgeräte-Richtlinie Kategorie I

Beladekapazität der Sterilisierkammer

Textilien (kg) 8
Instrumente (kg) 25
Verpackte Hohlkörper (kg) 8
Infusionsflaschen 250 ml (St.) 36
Infusionsflaschen 1.000 ml (St.) 18


Außenmaße L/B/T
Transportgewicht kg
Transportvolumen cbm

Die HP Labortechnik GmbH und die HP Medizintechnik GmbH arbeiten weiterhin als ein starkes Duo zusammen.
Die HP Medizintechnik GmbH entwickelt, fertigt und vertreibt Geräte für den Labor-, Analyse- und Medizinbereich.

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Mit mehr als 40 Jahren Knowhow in der Herstellung von Laborgeräten und Medizinprodukten verfügt sie über eine optimale Entwicklungs- und Fertigungsstruktur für Medizinprodukte. Darüber hinaus hat sie zahlreiche Systemintegrationen für die Bundeswehr im Bereich “Mobile Aufbereitungseinheiten für Medizinprodukte (AEMP)” durchgeführt.