Modules for fractionated pre-vacuum and vacuum drying

Sterilisation of waste, solids and porous materials

In order to effectively begin sterilisation, it is first necessary to remove all residual air from the sterilisation chamber. The vacuum process is required for sterile items that are subsequently to be transported, stored or used in an operation.
Our high-quality pre-vacuum modules guarantee the highest level of safety when sterilising porous and difficult-to-air items. An additional vacuum drying module enables sterilely ventilated materials to be dry directly at removal. Both the VF and VT modules are suitable for instruments in sterile packaging, textiles, filter cartridges and sheets, tubes, syringes, pipettes, pipette tips in boxes, waste in waste bags (in conjunction with emission-free sterilisation), sterilised items with recesses and cavities, glassware and utensils of all kinds.

VF module for fractionated pre-vacuum

For thorough air removal before sterilisation itself begins, we recommend our VF module for simple and fractionated pre-vacuum. This module removes air in the sterilisation chamber through multiple rounds of vacuum evacuation alternating with steam inflows. This produces what is known as a fractionated pre-vacuum, which allows the steam to penetrate even porous media without any problems. Vacuum depth and the number of pressure changes are individually adjustable and allow economical processes for complete steam penetration.

VT module for vacuum drying

Our VT module for vacuum drying prevents re-contamination of the sterilised items after the drying phase and completely eliminates residual moisture in the sterilised items. It generates a pulsed deep vacuum in the sterilisation chamber after sterilisation. The integrated double jacket heats the chamber evenly from the outside and then ventilates it in a sterile manner. Sterile ventilation prevents re-contamination by ambient air.

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Chamber volume 75 up to 190 L
Working height from 750 mm
Thermo-lock according to TRB 402
Steam generator 7 litres

Technische Daten

VF Modul für einfaches und fraktioniertes Vakuum

Drehzahl 50 Hz 1/min 2900
max. Verdichtungsüberdruck bar 0,3
max. zulässige Druckdifferenz bar 1,1
Schalldruckpegel bei 80 mbar Ansaugdruck dB(A) 68
max. Gastemperatur gesättigt °C 100
max. zulässige Temperatur Betriebsflüssigkeit °C 80
Ansaugvolumenstrom m³/h 9 bis 57
Einfaches und fraktioniertes Vorvakuum „T 8 kPa
Zusätzliche Sterilisierprogramme Instrumente EV, Müll EV
Instrumente FV, Müll FV

VT Modul Vakuumtrocknen

Heizmantel in Sandwichbauweise = Doppelmantel
90% des Mantelraums sind dampfbeheizt über Dampferzeuger
Vakuumtrocknen < 20 kPa Trocknen
Sterilbelüftung Membranfilter,  μ = 0,2 mm, 0.1 m², hydrophob, dampfsterilisierbar, Rückhaltevermögen ≥ 99,5 %
zusätzliche Programmoption einstellbare Trocknungszeit von 0 bis 199 min