VARIOKLAV module options for expanding VARIOKLAV GreenLine free-standing autoclaves

Like our BlueLine steam sterilisers, we also offer a selection of different module options for GreenLine autoclaves, enabling you to individually configure your autoclave for different areas of application.


FA Modul Abluftfiltration mit Kondensatsterilisation

Our exhaust air filtration system with integrated condensate sterilisation enhances your GreenLine free-standing autoclave to enable you to work with contaminated sterile goods from protection class or safety level L1 or S1 properly. A module of this type for exhaust air filtration and condensate sterilisation is required by the supervisory authorities for sterile goods rated L2 or S2 and above.

  • recommended for all contaminated sterile goods from protection class/safety level L1 (S1) onwards
  • from L2(S2) required by supervisory authorities
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