High-quality used equipment for steam sterilisation

You would like to equip your laboratory, medical practice or clinic with high quality steam sterilisers, but don’t have the financial means to purchase a brand new unit? For these cases, we at HP Labortechnik always offer used autoclaves that are technically and visually in no way inferior to new devices. Most of the used equipment offered by HP Labortechnik comes from laboratory relocations, laboratory downsizing, laboratory liquidations, practice liquidations and site liquidations and is ready for its second use after an in-depth technical inspection.

Used steam sterilisers with a warranty: original VARIOKLAV autoclaves second hand

The performance of any medical facility depends on the quality of the laboratory autoclave: Whether you work in the field of human biology, biochemistry, epidemiology, internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics, dentistry, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat medicine, geriatrics or paediatrics – the reliable and validatable sterilisation of medical devices is the be-all and end-all here. That is why we also insist on the highest product quality and technical perfection for our used steam sterilisers.

All used sterilisers that we sell are visually and technically in very good condition: all used VARIOKLAV autoclaves that are returned to us undergo intensive technical preparation and several testing processes before they are sold again. That is how we can be so sure that our used equipment is in good working order and why we offer a regular warranty on all used steam sterilisers offered here. This means that you are not taking any risks when buying a used device and can benefit from the highest HP quality at favourable prices.

Used laboratory technology for greater sustainability in the medical, pharmaceutical and research sectors

It is clear that savings should not be made in the wrong places in the laboratory, research, medicine and production. After all, a reliable and powerful autoclave is also crucial for the quality of your work. But does it always have to be a new unit? If you decide to buy a used autoclave from HP Labortechnik, you will not only save money, but the environment will also thank you for the reuse of technically flawless equipment: every single autoclave that is reprocessed and reused conserves our earth’s resources and saves water, electricity and other precious raw materials needed to manufacture a new steam steriliser.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if this idea appeals to you. We supply both public and private clinics, medical practices, universities and research institutes all over the world. In doing so, we work closely with locally based partners and technicians so that we can guarantee you the best customer service on site, no matter where your laboratory, clinic or practice is located.

Buying steam sterilisers second-hand? This is what you should look out for:

The price of a brand-new steam steriliser for medical or pharmaceutical use usually ranges between EUR 9,000 and EUR 25,000. Given these prices, it is hardly surprising that used and thus more affordable autoclaves are also becoming increasingly popular. However, just as when buying a used car, there is one important point you should bear in mind in order not to take any unnecessary risks when purchasing a used autoclave:
choosing the right dealer is crucial when purchasing a used steam steriliser. You should be able to contact the autoclave seller in the event of damage, so that any necessary repair or even return for a refund of the purchase price can be arranged without complications. This is why experts tend to advise against second-hand purchases via Ebay or other classified ad portals, even though the prices of used sterilisers there often seem unbeatably low.

When buying a used autoclave from HP Labortechnik, however, you benefit from a legal warranty that is in no way inferior to that for new equipment. This means that you are ideally equipped for all laboratory work and sterilisation processes that need to be carried out reliably and in the highest quality, even with a second-hand unit.

Our trained service staff are available to you at any time by e-mail or phone via our HP factory customer service, should unexpected problems arise with your used steam steriliser. In the event of damage, we will send a qualified service employee out to your location who will personally inspect your device and work with you to find an appropriate solution.

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