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HP Labortechnik is known for the highest quality and more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of high-performance steam sterilisers. We have been specialised in the development and production of innovative solutions for the effective sterilisation of medical products to the highest standards since 1979.

Laboratory autoclaves from HP Labortechnik can sterilise liquids, solids and biohazardous materials in no time at all: Our steam sterilisers are ideally equipped for even the most demanding laboratory applications including growth media, culture media, glassware, instruments, hazardous waste in destruction bags or liquid waste in bottles.

VARIOKLAV® steam sterilisers are therefore suitable for the proper processing of laboratory materials. The whole sterilisation process can be validated and reproduced, thus verifiably assuring the success of our technology. Alongside the reliability and high performance of our devices, we prioritise the safety of your laboratory staff in the development and production of our sterilisation devices.

HP Labortechnik autoclaves are officially recommended by the Robert Koch Institute for steam sterilisation of medical devices.

According to §4 of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance (MPBetreibV), the processing of low-germ or sterile medical devices should be carried out using suitable validated procedures, such as with a steam steriliser according to DIN EN 285 or a small steam steriliser according to DIN 13060. We comply with the Medical Devices Act (MPG), the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance, the RKI and BfArM recommendation “Hygiene requirements for the processing of medical devices” (“Anforderungen an die Hygiene bei der Aufbereitung von Medizinprodukten”), DIN EN ISO 14937 and EN ISO 17665 as well as the European standards for the sterilisation of medical devices when developing and manufacturing steam sterilisers and when validating sterilisation processes.

The original in proven quality

VARIOKLAV steam sterilisers from Munich – since 1979

Versatile and flexible to use:
The VARIOKLAV® – made in Germany

We now support numerous national and international laboratories, pharmaceutical suppliers, food companies, scientific research institutions and educational institutes with our VARIOKLAV steam sterilisers.

All VARIOKLAV autoclaves are modular in design, meaning that each Varioklav BlueLine and Varioklav GreenLine unit can be individually expanded with original VARIOKLAV module options and upgraded to meet your needs.

Are you looking for a steam steriliser that is optimally tailored to your individual requirements? We offer the following additional modules, among others:

  • Exhaust air filter modules for emission-free sterilisation of hazardous substances
  • Vacuum modules for simple and fractionated pre-vacuum and vacuum drying
  • Cooling modules for recooling and rapid cooling
  • Media temperature control with flexible temperature sensor
  • Documentation modules to ensure the traceability of your sterilisation processes
Varioklav Wortbild
FP Portfolio BlueLineBlueLine Formular

Sichere, reproduzierbare Dampfsterilisation

Für das mikrobiologische Labor
und die Nährmedienproduktion

Für infektiöse Labor- und Klinikabfälle
und gentechnisch veränderte Arbeitsstoffe

Für Steril-, Pharma- und Medizinprodukte
und zur Instrumentenaufbereitung

Bullets BlueLine
  • Solide Edelstahlverarbeitung
  • Ultraflacher, effektiver Dampferzeuger
  • Modularer Aufbau, jederzeit nachrüstbar
    • Schnellkühlung
    • Vakuum
    • Trocknen
    • Abluftfiltration
  • Prozessabläufe, Messtechnik und Armaturen
    nach DIN- Standard
FP Portfolio greenLine 1GreenLine Formular

Sichere, reproduzierbare Dampfsterilisation

Für das mikrobiologische Labor
und die Nährmedienproduktion

Für die Qualitätskontrolle bei Getränken
und Nahrungsmitteln

Für die Instrumentenaufbereitung

Bullets GreenLine
  • Druckbehälter aus hochwertigem
    elektropoliertem Edelstahl
  • Lange Gerätelebensdauer durch
    verschleißarme Armaturen
  • Touch – Interface
  • Problemfreie Aufstellung,
    sofort einsatzbereit
  • Niedriger Ressourcenverbrauch
FP Portfolio OrangeLineOrangeLine Formular

Sichere, reproduzierbare Dampfsterilisation

Zum Warmhalten, Erwärmen und
drucklosen Dämpfen von Nährmedien

Zum Testen von Gummiwaren, Keramik
und Bauteilen in Dampf

Für Steril-, Pharma- und Medizinprodukte
und zur Instrumentenaufbereitung

Bullets OrangeLine
  • Dampfkammer aus Edelstahl 1.4301
  • Entlüftung verhindert die
    Bildung von Luftnestern
  • Temperaturwächter – keine
    Überbelastung der Heizung
  • Optische und
    akustische Störungsanzeige
  • Schmale Bauform,
    optimale Beschickungshöhe


Ihr Optimaler Dampfsterilisator

Highest quality and absolute customer orientation are at the heart of the HP Labortechnik company philosophy. That is why our factory customer service is available to our customers throughout Germany and is immediately on hand when technical assistance is required.

You can reach our service technicians on weekdays between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm at +49 8930 666 470.

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